Dog With a Job — 2 Comments

  1. Enjoyed reading this post. Writing that tells the story in such a concise manner. As one who has shared my life and trained a number of dogs, they are very adaptable. He be ok.

  2. I also didn’t want a dog. Not because we’d had bad experiences. In fact we had a great dog for 16 yrs followed by the coolest cat ever for an additional 16 years.
    I just didn’t want to be beholden to another pet as I moved toward retirement.
    Yeah, that lasted exactly 3 years after I retired.
    We’ve an energetic, stubborn, neurotic, lovable rescued Schnoodle for the past 7 years now named after my husband’s favorite uncle – Augie Leotta Altamore.
    Yes, he has changed our lives in great ways and a few pain in the ass ways but we love him.
    Thankfully we found a wonderful groomer and a fantastic woman to board him with when we need to.
    There was a time, though, in the beginning, when I was considering rehoming him but I knew no one would take him because he doesn’t like strangers.
    First person he bit/nipped was a friend whose husband is a LAWYER!!!
    He’s a cuddle bunny and is devoted to us so the good out-weighs the bad.
    Sounds like you made the right decision.